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Experience Solara's unique deflationary approach addressing Whale Dominance and Bot Manipulation

What is Solara?


Token 22

Solara utilizes the latest Token standard on Solana to equip itself with a 4% tax system. 2% upon purchase which is distributed to token holders. 2% on sell which is burnt to decrease supply.


Hold Solara. Earn Solara.

Tax collections are distributed to holders on a randomized basis. No need to claim rewards. It’s distributed directly into your wallet.


Real Utility Function

Secure tax and distribution system to guide the token's price on a stable upward path.

How to buy

Create a wallet

We recommend creating a wallet with Phantom. You can follow the easy steps when given the option to create a new account.

Deposit $SOL

You can deposit $SOL into your phantom wallet using any crypto exchange of your choice.


You can buy Solara by copying our contract address and heading to your Phantom Wallet through fluxbeam.xyz to swap $SOL to $SLRT.

Copy Contract Address
Coindesk: Token Extensions Update to Solara Token Program Live After Year in Development
Token extensions let developers hard code restrictions in their digital assets, enhancing compliance controls for businesses building on Solana.

Where to find us

Solara is most active on Twitter/X and Telegram. You can find the fastest news and updates from these channels. Join the Solara community.